Meow Mixer

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Leave it to Miuccia Prada to do things differently, in parties as in fashion. Rather than occupy the latest hot boîte of the moment, the designer chose the once-opulent, decadent Le Carmen. Built in 1875, this rococo landmark was the Le Baron of its day—an after-show haunt for dancers from the Moulin Rouge and the men they favored (today, in homage, a golden cage is mounted near the entry and a daybed sits in the corner of one salon). It’s also where Bizet is said to have composed his last opera. Ordinarily Le Carmen doesn’t pack in the crowds; it’s more of a discreet watering hole just a block south of Pigalle. “I love this place; it’s beautiful and out of time,” said Olivier Theyskens, who has been known to drop in when he’s in town. Last night, though, he was ready to get back home to New York. “Our show was only three weeks ago but already we’re on to winter, and I’m excited about all our great projects coming up,” he said. One of those is in Paris: A Theory boutique will open on the Left Bank next month.

Although buoyant and crowded, the spirit of this last hurrah was laid-back. The hostess slipped in quietly around midnight, a handful of starry guests in tow, including Michelle Dockery, Rashida Jones, and Dianna Agron. Dockery reeled off some favorite looks from the show—”the red coat with black lapels, the red two-piece, all of the coats actually, and the cats…,” the feline-printed items that were one of the sensations of the collection—before sighing and admitting, “I loved it all.”

Not bad for a party that only took shape last week. “It’s been a while since we threw a party,” said a spokeswoman. “We just wanted to do something cool and different for friends and family.”

—Tina Isaac-Goizé