Lady in Pink

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“Literally, just about the only person not in black here tonight is Hillary,” one male guest said to his tablemates last night at the inaugural Save the Children gala presented by Calvin Klein. He was referring to the one-and-only Hillary Clinton. The former secretary of state was sporting a bubblegum-pink number, but she was all business when she accepted her National Legacy Award from the children’s rights and relief organization at Cipriani 42nd Street. As she made her way to the stage, the crowd, including Caroline Kennedy, Victor Cruz, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jennifer Garner (also an honoree for the evening), got to their feet to give Clinton a standing ovation.

“Whoopi Goldberg and I were just talking about how people in today’s world know what their favorite celebrity wore to dinner last night because of social media,” Clinton said. “Let’s use social media in a more effective way, to convey what brain scientists now know about brain development. Help us to try to build the best brains we can in America’s children, because there isn’t anything more important than doing that.”

She was followed by Garner (the recipient of the Advocate Award), who had brought her daughter Violet out for the first time to a public event. “I told my daughter that I was a little nervous to speak in front of a crowd like this, and she gave me a great piece of advice,” said Garner. “She said to imagine that you are all our dogs, Martha Stewart and Gandhi, and to imagine that you are all wagging your tails waiting for a treat, and the treat is my speech. Thank you for that, Violet.” The tails wagged—and, more important, the dollars of support came flooding in.

—Kristin Tice Studeman